Wild Horses!

Wild horses mostly eat grass, but will feed on leaves, twigs and even tree bark when there is no grass to be found.
When a horse is born, it is called a foal. When it turns two years old, a male is called a colt and a female is called a filly. A colt becomes a stallion about six years later, and fillies become mares.
Wild horses mostly stay together in groups, or herds, for protection. A herd is made up of one adult. Once another colt comes of age, he must either challenge the dominant stallion or leave the herd. It is the job of the stallion to protect the herd from predators. The stallion stays at the back of the herd to warn the others if an enemy should approach.
The most of wild horses in Canada are found in the west, but as natural habitat lowers, they are trying to maintain wild horse populations.Horses and humans have an ancient relationship. Horses still hold a place of honor in many cultures, often linked to heroic exploits in war.
Only approximately 25,000 mustangs roam the United States today.
Horses became domesticated about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago in the region of the Black Sea. Once man tamed the horse, horses performed many duties

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Wild Horse Free on the Beach
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