Sabre Tooth TigersWe chose the Sabre-Tooth Tiger because they are extinct and interesting animals. The Sabre-Tooth Tiger has really sharp teeth. They are meat eaters and are fierce and are very dangerous animals. There are not any around anymore. Did you know that the Sabre-Tooth Tiger could kill you. We are excited to learn more about the Sabre-Tooth Tiger! They used this animal in a movie called Ice-Age.


====the sabre tooth tigers skull was a very sencitive.



Some facts

Where the Sabre- Tooth Tiger lived - they lived at the end of the ice age in North America.they lived after the dinosaurs and could be found all over the world!the

If you want to see a cute sabre toothed tiger, then please watch this video below:

They lived in small groups or herds like most large cats. They probobly hunted early in the day because that is when most animals sleep.
Some cats were not as fast as the Sabre-Tooth Tiger.


They are not the only Sabre-Toothed animals!

Although Smilodon is by far the most famous saber-toothed cat, it wasn't the only member of its fearsome breed: this family included over a dozen other genera, including Barbourofelis, Homotherium and Megantereon. Further complicating matters, paleontologists have also described "false" saber-toothed and "dirk-toothed" cats.

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this is a picture of a sabre tooth tiger roaring
external image smilodon_1.jpgthere were more animals that are related and they are - lions , cat , leapords and tigers.
he was a very muscular cat
external image sabre%20tooth%20tiger.gif