Kids of the Titanic
We are doing the kids of the Titanic because we find the Titanic and kids of the Titanic very interesting
When you come to this website you will be amazed and learn a lot.

The day the Titanic left

  • This year 2012 it is the 100th year that the Titanic sunk.
  • Most peoples bodys werent found
  • Mainly because the sharks came and ate them.
  • 1517 died from the disaster
  • The titanic was found on 1st september1985Titanic_unknown_child's_shoes.jpg

This is a actual photo of the survivors as they approached the Carpathia Ship
This is the suspected iceberg that caused the Titanic to sink
This is an underwater photo of Titanic's doomed anchor

If you want to play a fun game about the Titanic CLICK HERE
We hope you enjoy this game it is very fun! You basicly have to save the people from the Boat! It is really cool we have tried it and are sure you will love it!
This is a picture of the newspaper with the news of the tradgedy!
These are three adorable dogs on the Titanic
This is the captain of the titanic

These are shoes of probably a man or a woman! Maybe.........

These are shoes of a man and woman
Titanic news people can't belive

Did you know that the Titanic left two weeks before they were meant to if they had left in the correct time the ice berg would have not been there.

this is another photo of the titanic leaving

If you would like to see some actual underwater footage and amazing survivor interviews, then please watch the video below:

this ia a picture of the titanics stair case

This is a survivor named Millvena Dean who unfortunatly died in 2009

On April 10, 1912, the RMS Titanic embarked on its maiden voyage, sailing from Southampton, England, to New York City. One of the largest and most luxurious passenger liners at the time, the Titanic was also considered by many to be unsinkable. On April 14, however, the ship struck an iceberg, and early the next day it sank. Some 1,500 people perished. Because of the tragedy, the Titanic became perhaps the best-known ship in the world, capturing the public imagination and inspiring popular books and movies. After the 1985 discovery of its wreckage, interest in the famed liner only increased. Some 100 years after its sinking, the Titanic remains an enduring legend.

under water picture of th titanic