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  • friend help each other wh4f023b8cb6607.jpgen they get hurt and sad.Friendship also means never be rude but always be kind to others and your friends will never forget you. Also it means friendship

True friends are always there for you they will never lie!

Ture friends will know every thing about you!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends will never hurt you they will care for you always!

Friendship is like 7 wounders of the world and friendship means to us we will never forget your friends never!!!

friends can go any where with them they will care for you always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY best friends know me well and she says we are loyal!!! Very_best_Friend.gif

FRIENDS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE WHEN YOU ARE SAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I know all your seceret I know what you thinking even

before you I am a true friend.

Friendship is like a door you take your chances and if you trust your friend you will not have a fight. We know friendship is hard but having a friend is better than being lonly .

The-Seven-Wonders-Of-Friendship.jpgfriendship-images-7.jpgfriendship_quotes-9ec1a089977968da2e7fd446a4e12b63.gifWanna talk about friendship some more then come and read. Friendship is very import to me and my friends they always there for we well always be togther beacause we care about them.IN a friendship you well always have FUN and sometimes you have fight but it ok to have fight beacause you will forgive them then your friends again yeah!

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