Flowers can be any colours and

shapes . flowers are nice,beautiful and they smell good .

This flower is a lily . Alot of bugs go on flowers like bees,flys,ladybugs and caturpillers. The bees

love the flowers the most .This is a protea our national flower.It is a pretty flower.

This is South Africa's National Flower

Bees love the inside of the flower it is called polen. Petals, polen,steam and leaves are all part of the flowers. Blosson are either pink or white they are a tipe of flowers they fall off trees.

external image peach-blossom.jpg

This is a blosson they are beautiful and pink but they can also be white.

Blossons are very messy they go on the ground and make the ground messy.

Alot of flowers are called a bunsh of flowers. This is a rose they are very pretty

you can get alot of colours in roses

external image rose2.jpg

Roses are known as ornamental plants grown for their flowers in the garden and sometimes indoors.

Roses are very smart and they are very nice your love . The name rose comes from French .This is the inside of the rose.

external image 220px-Rose_hip_02_ies.jpg

This is a game for you

to play a game with flowers please click here