Fantasy Creatures




Pegasus (Greek : Πήγασος, Pegasos, Latin Pegasus) is one of the best known fantasy creature. He is a winged heavenly horse usually showed as white in colour. Medusa the lady known to have snakes for hair bred him .When he was born his mother was killed by Perseus. Zeus the god of gods would send him off to Olympus to get lightning and thunder. On one of his missions his rider falls off trying to reach Mount Olympus. Zeus transformed the Pegasus into the constellation Pegasus and placed him up in the sky.


Fairies are very small creatures and have wings. They live for a very long time and have magical powers which are the ability to fly and cast spells. They are also very calm creatures.

Fairies are from the Celtic Family. The Celtic Family are known as gods and goddesses. They worshipped The Mother Goddess, and they called fairies The Mothers. Fairyland was always the Land of Women and fairies are often depicted as such.

King Minos had won war against Aegeus therefore king Minos made king Aegeus pay tribute evry year to send seven girls and seven boys to enter King Minoses labyrinth. At the center of the labyrinth (a sort of maze) lived the Minotaur (half man half bull). Each year the Minotaur would eat the children. One year when the time of tribute came King Aegeuses son (Theuseus) stepped forward. When he got to where King Minos lived he met Ariadne it was love at first sight and because of this she wanted to help him so when he was about to enter the labyrinth she tied a string to his hand and when he got to the middle he slayed the Minotaur and because of the string was able to find his way back again.
A goblin is a mythical creature from German or the UK. Goblins are often believed to be evil creatures or mostly mischievous. Goblins are the opposite of the gentle and calm fairies. Like similar creatures there is no single version of a goblin. The Goblin mostly live in small dark places and cause trouble. But in more recent years people recognize them as green monsters that scare children. Goblins have almost all around the world been described as troublemakers. They are simply tricksters or mischievous like immature children.


The phoenix, (Greek Φοίνιξ Greek pronunciation: Persian: ققنوس, Arabic: العنقاء أو طائر الفينيق, Chinese: 鳳凰 or 不死鳥, Hebrew: פניקס) is a mythical fire bird usually quite evil and like to destroy and burn things.A phoenix is a mythical bird with a colorful fur and a tail of gold and scarlet or purple, blue, and green according to some legends. It has a 500 to 1000 year life-cycle near the end it builds itself a nest of twigs that then burns both nest and bird fiercely and are turned to ashes from which a new young phoenix is born.
A mermaid is a mythical aquatic creature with a female human head, arms, and chest and the tail of a fish. Mermaids are usually kind but in some stories can be quite scary. A male version of a mermaid is known as a "merman" although there are not many Mermen. "Mermaid “a long time ago instead of saying sea they would say mer and maid as in maiden and that is how they got the word Mermaid. A long time ago they thought that sea cows were mermaids because when their tails would pop out of the water they thought it was a Mermaids tail.
A dragon is a mythical creature which is usually a reptile and quite evil. Dragons are known to blow fire and I n most stories kidnap princesses.
The English word dragon comes from Greek δράκων (drákōn).

In the olden days people were accused of being witches when they were never really and were killed. But luckily this doesn’t happen anymore. A witch is usually an old woman that wears a long black robe, can have warts, has along pointed black hat and is very scary. Witches are known to have a cauldron and usually cast quite a lot of spells and can ride a broomstick and have a black cat that sits on the end of it.

Angels are heavenly creatures that usually helpers of god they show up in the Bible a lot. Angels are usually very kind and gentle.There appearance is usually something like this wings, halo and usually along white gown. The Hebrew and Greek words originally meant messenger. You sometimes get bad angels too. You also get a guardian angel which watches over you we each get our own angel to watch over us and tell us to do the right thing.



Ogres are imaginary beings which are usually showed as large ugly monsters. They are usually green. In appearance they are usually very big, with quite a lot of warts and a hunched back. The word ogre is often a disgusting persons who mission is to bully others.

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